Blinkist Acquisition: Information for Content Partners

Additional information for Content Partners
Andrew Barnes, CEO

We're proud to announce that Go1 has acquired mobile-first learning app Blinkist. 


What is Blinkist? 

Blinkist connects people with powerful ideas from leading authors and experts to broaden perspectives, gain knowledge, and spark understanding in all areas of their life, both personal and professional. Used by over 25 million people worldwide, Blinkist finds the most relevant, impactful books and podcasts and distills them down to their key ideas, which can be read or listened to in 15-minute explainers called Blinks. In addition to individual learners, over 1,500 organizations around the globe have already chosen Blinkist for Business to empower their teams at their point of need—anytime, anywhere. 


Why has Go1 acquired Blinkist? 

The acquisition of Blinkist is a major step to accelerate our vision of engaging a billion people with learning they love.  

Our goal is to provide organizations with access to high-quality, meaningful content, and we can now take this a step further by meeting learners where they are. For more than 40 percent of online corporate learners, that's on their cell phone – and this is where Blinkist excels.  

By joining forces, Go1 and Blinkist are disrupting the corporate learning landscape to create the first offering that serves the whole learner. Now there is a new model that allows a user to jump in at any depth – a sound bite, a 15-minute summary or a full course – on any device, and at any time or location. 

It's an approach that actively influences more learners to engage with more content, enabling our customers to achieve their learning goals and recognize genuine business impact. 


What are the benefits for my organization? 

The model provided by Go1 and Blinkist is unmatched in the learning market. We believe that its capacity to support learners' needs and drive business impact for our customers, Blinkist provides us with a significant competitive edge. In turn, this will help our content partners to reach more organizations and more learners and deliver growth and scale. 


What are the changes to Go1's content model? 

We understand that Blinkist's approach to content may raise some questions about Go1's core operating model. However, we want to reassure you that this will not change. 

Blinkist works with book authors and publishers to produce summaries of existing content – and on that point it's important for us to be clear that Go1 has no plans to become a content creator. As mentioned above, Go1 and Blinkist are exploring the ability to bring content summary capabilities to select content partners to access 

Similarly, Go1 will remain platform agnostic, allowing us to maintain our strong relationships with our content partners. Blinkist already follows a similar model with publishers and authors to generate high-value content. 

Lastly, although Blinkist is primarily aimed at the consumer market, it does have a growing list of enterprise customers. Go1 will continue to focus on providing high-quality learning experiences to organizations and their employees, with our content partners now having the opportunity to reach Blinkist's enterprise customers in addition to our existing customers. 


What are the next steps? 

Together, Go1 and Blinkist are working hard to identify new opportunities for our customers and partners. It's an exciting process, and we'll keep you updated as we go.  

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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