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Education Changemakers joins forces with Go1

Education Changemakers and Go1 have come together to grow a powerful, engaging, and inspiring way for teachers and school leaders to engage in high-impact professional development.
Aaron Tait, Chief Innovation Officer - Education Changemakers

About the author:

Aaron Tait is the Co-Founder and Director of Innovation at Education Changemakers focused on identifying and engaging with ideas that lead to rapid and scaled global impact.

In a world with more than 70 million educators, we’ve decided to think differently about teacher training…

In 2011, in a Sydney bar, we wrote the first ideas for Education Changemakers on a napkin.

Aaron had just returned to Australia after running a school for at-risk children in a Tanzanian township. Dave was working as regional director of schools in the Northern Territory following his leadership of the transformation of Halls Creek District High School.

On the napkin, we sketched out a professional development program that would focus on supporting educators to step up as high-impact changemakers in their schools. A few months later we launched EC, and got to work.

In the ten years since the EC team has engaged with hundreds of thousands of educators around the world. If you have been part of the EC journey you’ve attended one of our workshops, come along to events we’ve run, engaged in a student challenge we’ve launched, listened to our podcast, or read our books. Over the years we’ve heard so many stories of teacher-led change, and whilst there are too many changemakers to name, please know that we see you, and are blown away.

In the last few years Dave and I have thought a great deal about how we can learn from this past decade of effort, and bounce off the trampoline that we’ve built to reach a whole new level of scale.

And that brings us to this moment, and the news we have to share…

Which is that Education Changemakers is joining forces with Go1.

Go1 is a very exciting learning company that already engages millions of people with more than 100,000 online professional development courses. In 2022 we have come together to grow what we hope will be a powerful, engaging, and inspiring way for teachers and school leaders to engage in high-impact professional development from the world’s best providers.

Of course, EC will continue to provide the programs that people have come to know us for, but at the same time, we will be rapidly growing our team and our new learning approach. Becoming a part of the Go1 family will allow us to work at a speed and scale that we are incredibly excited about.

We might need a few more napkins to sketch this new strategy on, but we are also going to need a bunch more people to join the team. If you are interested in working with us, send an email to [email protected].

We’ll be sharing more soon, but until then, and as always… together, for a better world for every child.

Dave and Aaron

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