The Go1 Content Insider — October 2021 edition

The Go1 Content Insider is your first stop for all things new in the Go1 Content Hub. In this October update, find out the latest and greatest in the world of content!
Shannon Herrera, Head of Content Curation

Which content partners should you check out? 

If you are looking for engaging ways to upskill your employees in personal development (like time management or sending successful emails) or sharpen their sales skills, you should look into Cultivate Advisors in the Go1 content hub.  Their short courses (~20 minutes each) include engaging videos and quizzes, as well as participant guides, job aids, and additional resources to help reinforce objectives and encourage employees to apply their new skills on the job and practice what they have learned.  

Check out their most popular courses below: 

  • Developing Trust 
  • Goal & Task Prioritization 
  • Email Management 
  • Communication Rules 
  • Objection Handling 

If IT skills are on your radar, dive into content from Simon Sez IT (pronounced Simon Sez “It”). In addition to their wide variety of courses on Microsoft products, they have a whole library on coding and web development, from HTML to React. They take the time to teach the ins and outs of each subject and patiently build your knowledge set through practice exercises. Simon Sez IT courses can be taken as longer courses or broken up into just the relevant topics. 

Explore their new courses in the Go1 content hub: 

  • Ultimate HTML Developer 
  • Introduction to ASANA 
  • VS Code 101 
  • Web Development Fundamentals 
  • React 101 

What new providers have we added to our hub? 


  • This Australian provider gives us four courses from health professionals answering a variety of questions about COVID-19 vaccines.   

What’s new from our current content partners? 

Industrial and Construction 

  • Marcom – Updated and new courses covering a wide variety of topics, including scaffolding, hygiene, hazards, and safety 

IT Skills 

  • Packt – ~150 updated and new courses covering IT skills from Kubernetes to Git


  • 180 Skills – A series of manufacturing introduction courses, including topics like machining, metal 3D printing, roll forming, etc.

Sales and Leadership 

  • Entrepreneur NOW – Masterclasses on sales, public speaking, leadership, and communication 
  • The Learning Rooms – Managing and coaching for managers  

Professional/Personal Development 

  • Skillshub – New and updated courses in all things professional and personal development including stress management, storytelling for business, critical thinking, presentations, and more

What’s Shannon’s favorite course right now? 

This month’s course is a bit more tactical than normal. I have been working on building out an internal SharePoint site and needed a little help. Where better to look than in the Go1 content hub? I turned to our provider, tts GmbH. Their interactive SharePoint course walked me through creating a site, building a document library and lists, and adding web parts. Their courses don’t just show you how to do things, they actually provide opportunities to do it, significantly increasing retention. Whether you are looking to build a new site or learn another Microsoft Suite product, you should check out their courses. Plus, they are available in multiple languages. 

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