Introducing Gen AI: The future of personalized learning at Go1  

We'll detail how Go1 AI saves time and effort for L&D admins, analysing key features like advanced personalization, content recommendations, and AI search.
Dom Murray, Content Writer

When you picture the future, what do you see? Flying cars? Talking robots? Recently, we asked ourselves the same question and saw AI front and center. So, we created Go1 AI, a new curation resource specifically designed for our admin customers.  

Go1 AI make all learning relevant and personalized

Now, we want to share our vision with you, exploring how Go1 AI saves time and effort for L&D admins. Let’s take a detailed look at the key features, including advanced personalization, content recommendations, AI search, and even the ability to predict your learning needs before you know them. Don’t worry, we promise there’s no satellite out there actually reading your mind!  

If you haven’t already, check out our product announcement to set the scene, which introduces Go1 AI from a more technical perspective.  

Enabling personalized learning at scale 

When people discuss AI, they tend to focus on flashy features. "Hey look, this one passed the Turing test!” This makes sense — it’s an exciting, futuristic technology, after all. But at Go1, we see things differently. Fundamentally, AI is about data. While machine learning is becoming increasingly intelligent, AI is only as good as the data it’s fed. Why? A recent study by the USC Information Sciences Institute answers this question.  

Researchers analyzed two AI tools: one relatively popular (ConceptNET), the other smaller and more niche (GenericsKB). Their goal was simple: “see if their data was fair.” Unfortunately, they found that 3.4% (ConceptNET) to 38.6% (GenericsKB) of the data was biased. According to Ninareh Mehrabi, the study’s lead author, “some results were so shocking that we questioned putting them in our paper. It was that bad.” 

Accordingly, AI isn’t infallible. It can be as helpful or biased as the data it’s fed. This is why we trained Go1 AI on the world’s largest and most diverse learning dataset, utilizing information from 156 million yearly course completions, encompassing 130,000 data points from 250+ content providers in 48 languages. This way, you have peace of mind that Go1 AI’s recommendations are relevant and timely.  

Pull quote with the text: AI isn’t infallible. It can be as helpful or biased as the data it’s fed. This is why we trained Go1 AI on the world’s largest and most diverse learning dataset, utilizing information from 156 million yearly course completions, encompassing 130,000 data points from 250+ content providers.

Drawing on the world’s largest learning dataset doesn’t just provide peace of mind; it also allows us to deploy several exciting features. It’s a win-win!  

Recommending content beyond keywords 

Our semantic search goes beyond basic keyword matching, instead focusing on the deeper meaning of your search queries. Go1 AI understands the context, intent, and relationships between words, leading to more relevant results.  

For example, when you ask a friend for restaurant recommendations, you wouldn't just say "food," you'd mention your favorite cuisine, budget, and dietary requirements. Similarly, Go1 AI’s semantic search takes the keywords, relevant secondary skills, and any other context you provide to deliver contextually relevant results that take your L&D search a step closer to your goal.  

Quickly evaluate courses  

Previously, if you wanted to check if a learning course was relevant for your employees, you had to sample it manually. Now, admins can quickly evaluate if content meets their needs by using Go1 AI to preview ratings, learning outcomes, course summaries, and skills covered, while also comparing similar courses. Think of the endless hours of curation you'll save!   

Real-time personalization 

One of the best things about AI is that it’s never ‘complete.’ As the name suggests, artificial intelligence is continuously learning and evolving. Go1 AI is highly iterative, analyzing learning data in real-time to personalize recommendations, and it gets better with each customer that uses it.   

With our personalized playlists feature, this real-time analysis shines. Put simply, Go1 AI can produce personalized learning playlists for your whole team in seconds.  

AI generated playlist GIF

Once upon a time (last week), L&D admins had to hand-curate personalized learning playlists. One-by-one. From scratch. For a team with disparate learning needs, this required hours of research and curation, plus an encyclopedic knowledge of your team’s needs. We don’t doubt your capabilities, but our rockstar product team wanted to make this process much faster and easier.  

Now, Go1 AI streamlines the curation process. L&D admins can generate personalized playlists based on their unique goals in seconds, making it highly scalable. Instead of manually creating playlists, Go1 AI searches our library of over 80,000 courses and curates relevant, personalized playlists in just a few clicks. Simply enter your learning goals, refine your parameters, and let Go1 AI do the rest.  

Pull quote with the text: Go1 AIcurates relevant, personalized playlists in just a few clicks. Simply enter your learning goals, refine your parameters, and let Go1 AI do the rest.

As Holger Seim, Chief Product Officer at Go1, put it, "having a vast library of learning content isn’t enough to engage learners in the workplace. L&D leaders need to surface the right content at the right time for each learner to achieve the best outcomes. By leveraging the wealth of data within our content library, Go1 is in the best position to provide smarter recommendations to L&D departments so they can build the most personalized and effective learning programs for their people." 

Predicting your learning needs 

We know we said that Go1 AI can’t read your mind, but with some features, it might feel like it.  

Advanced content tagging  

We've upgraded our content tagging system by developing our own skill taxonomy. Put simply, that means we’ve grouped courses into sub-categories like “HR” or “Compliance” – like the tags you’d see when online shopping (i.e. “men’s activewear.”) A skills taxonomy is a fancy way of describing how we grouped these tagged skills into related ‘clusters’ (for a common example, see the OECD skills taxonomy). From there, we’ve tagged 98% of our library with relevant skills. In total, over 7,000 skills have been thoroughly mapped so far, and we hope to reach that 100% mark soon.   

What does this mean for admins? Simple: this vast map of skills is interlinked, meaning Go1 AI is constantly learning what skills and courses relate to each other. Go1 AI can break down learning concepts into skills and sub-skills, recognizing links between closely matched skills and recommending associated content, thereby predicting future learning needs. We hope you’re nerding out as much as we are over this! 

By achieving this level of granularity and detail, admins can find the best-matching results faster and more seamlessly.  

Smarter search options  

To provide more effective recommendations, Go1 AI takes a hybrid approach to searches, applying both lexical (matching words to words and synonyms) and semantic (understanding the underlying intent behind your search) matching.  

Lexical matching is the style of searching you’re probably used to. However, with semantic matching, it feels like Go1 AI knows what you want before you, as it understands your deeper intent. From there, it can suggest related content and surface the best-matched results. Types of searches you might want to try include:  

  • Topic-based searches, like “suggest content to improve decision-making.”   
  • Role-based searches, like “what should I learn as a sales manager?”   
  • Skill-based searches, like “what skills should I learn in product management?” 

Go1 AI search GIF

Content intelligence  

Content intelligence adds science to the art of learning, helping admins make informed decisions to meet their L&D goals. To develop this, we use resources like quality scores, user feedback, consumption data, content metadata, and content transcripts.  

The bottom line? By harnessing our content intelligence, Go1 AI matches the right content to the right learning program, consistently recommending the most effective learning strategies for your team.   

The future is bright  

Launching Go1 AI is only the first step of an exciting journey of improvements to make admin work more inspiring and fast-paced. Over the coming months, we’ll keep refining Go1 AI by deepening our content intelligence, improving discovery and curation tools, and adding more AI-powered capabilities. So, stay tuned for more announcements soon.  

Go1 AI features are now available for select customers and partners. To learn more, contact your Customer Success Manager. 

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