Health and Safety
Protecting the wellbeing of your employees and customers is your responsibility as a business. Part of this process is ensuring your employees receive the appropriate health and safety training.
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Health and Safety

What is health and safety training?

Health and safety training is a vital part of any organization’s learning and development plan. Training covers a wide range of topics that improve the knowledge and skills of your employees so they can continue to work efficiently and productively in a safe environment.

This type of training isn’t something that should be limited to new starters as part of an induction program. It’s something that should regularly be refreshed, not only because laws and regulations change, but also because health and safety is often a topic employees fail to engage with. However, it’s a legal requirement that your employees receive the right amount of training.

It’s also important to highlight that health and safety training shouldn’t be something only employees in manual or high-risk roles should undertake. Even employees in lower-risk roles, such as those working in an office, need to know about these types of processes and procedures. These practices help employees of all seniority levels identify, prevent, and deal with issues to ensure the safety of themselves, their colleagues, and your customers.

Why is health and safety training important?

As we’ve already covered, workplace health and safety training is necessary to help keep your people and your customers safe. Risks aren’t limited to factories and construction sites, they can occur anywhere - especially if the proper training hasn’t been given.

Not only this, but training helps to streamline processes, which can have a positive effect on productivity and efficiency. This also helps reduce costs and minimize downtime, with fewer incidents meaning employees don’t lose time.

There are also the implications of not doing enough to prevent accidents or injury. Failing to provide adequate training means your business is at fault should anything happen, which can lead to fines, delays, and even legal action. Your reputation is also likely to be affected as word spreads that you haven’t created a company culture focused on safety.

Your business has nothing to lose by providing your employees with training, but is likely to lose a great deal if this easily righted wrong is overlooked.

Is health and safety training a legal requirement?

Yes, health and safety training is a legal requirement. If it’s discovered that your organization hasn’t prioritized the wellbeing of your employees and customers, you can face hefty fines and even criminal prosecution. Many industries, such as construction, have additional requirements for protecting the safety of employees which your business must always comply with.

Can employees learn about health and safety online?

Yes, online health and safety courses are a fantastic way for employees to learn and for your business to ensure it complies with its legal obligations. Online courses cover a number of occupational safety-related topics, from the basics through to specifics such as hazardous manual tasks

Online courses also ensure your entire workforce can affordably learn from the same high-quality materials. They also prevent the need for time-consuming and difficult-to-organize in-person sessions.

The benefits of using eLearning for health and safety training

eLearning is a convenient and flexible way for employees to learn. By taking health and safety training online, employees can access learning materials as and when they have the time, so it doesn’t need to interrupt their day-to-day responsibilities. This also allows employees to learn through microlearning, and this, along with eLearning utilizing different teaching methods, increases engagement and retention.

Online training means remote and hybrid employees can also learn, and it’s cost-effective and easily scalable. If your business uses a learning management system (LMS) you can also track how employees engage with the materials. This means you can prove that your employees are completing any mandatory training and provide additional support to those who need it.

What are some of the best online health and safety courses?

From basic health and safety training to specific industry rules, eLearning offers your business the chance to train employees in different topics. Some of the best courses include:

Provide your employees with health and safety training with Go1

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