Compliance is ensuring your business meets industry standards or guidelines. To be non-compliant means your business hasn’t done enough to meet those guidelines, which risks your business’s reputation, the safety of your employees and customers, and the possibility of a fine.
Compliance training courses

Compliance is ensuring your business meets industry standards or guidelines. To be non-compliant means your business hasn’t done enough to meet those guidelines, which risks your business’s reputation, the safety of your employees and customers, and the possibility of a fine.

However, online compliance training is a useful tool for teaching your employees, and acts as evidence that your business has done what it needs to ensure compliance.

Why it’s important to learn about compliance

Compliance training not only provides your employees with your business’s policies, but the rules, regulations, and procedures of your industry. Without thorough and regular compliance training, your business risks non-compliance, which can be highly damaging and potentially cost your business a great deal in the form of trust, relationships, and fines.

How to learn about compliance

Compliance can sometimes be difficult to learn, as rules and regulations can change, even just slightly, which can make printed materials and video content outdated.

Classroom learning can be useful and provide employees with up-to-date knowledge, however, it can also be expensive and difficult to orchestrate, especially if your business has hundreds of employees.

Online compliance training courses are particularly useful, as they’re completely flexible and budget-friendly, even at scale. They’re produced by industry experts using the latest information.

The benefits of taking a compliance course

There are a number of benefits to both your business and your employees by ensuring staff regularly take compliance courses.

Benefits to your business

  • Protect your reputation - by making sure your employees have all the up-to-date knowledge you can protect your reputation and the trust your customers have in your business.
  • Leaves evidence of training - when you can prove you provided training to your employees it shows your business did everything it could to meet industry standards.
  • Prevent non-compliance - training your employees makes sure they’re compliant at all times, which can prevent issues that may lead to fines.
  • Ensures an inclusive workplace - compliance covers topics including diversity and inclusion, which promotes your business as a safe place to work.

Benefits to your staff

  • Confident - when your employees are fully trained and aware of what is expected of them they’re more confident in their work.
  • Make fewer mistakes - with a complete understanding of rules and procedures, employees will make fewer mistakes and not risk non-compliance.
  • Feel valued - training helps your employees feel more valued.
  • Defined culture - by communicating your business’s values it helps define culture.

How long does it take to complete a compliance course?

The time it takes to complete compliance training varies based on the industry and topic being covered. Certain topics, such as fire safety, can take just 15 minutes to complete, whereas industry-specific topics such as GDPR and information security may take an hour or more.

However, with eLearning courses they can be picked up as and when an employee has the opportunity to learn. With just 10-15 minutes of learning per day, a 60-minute course can be completed in less than a week.

Why eLearning is a great way to learn about compliance

There are a number of reasons why eLearning is such a great way to learn about compliance.


Compliance is a tricky topic, with rules, regulations, and processes changing all the time. eLearning courses are put together by industry experts, and training materials can be updated as and when required.


Because online training materials have already been created, they’re affordable and easily scalable. eLearning is a much more cost-effective way to train employees than classroom-based learning.


eLearning courses can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device. So, learning can be done during periods of downtime, or even during the morning commute.

Retain information

Because eLearning uses a variety of teaching methods, information can be retained by more employees to further help with minimizing non-compliance.

Track progress

If your business uses a CMS you will be able to monitor training progress and provide support to employees that may need it. Being able to show that training has been completed is also proof that your business has done everything it can to ensure compliance.

What are the best compliance courses for your employees?

Compliance training courses cover a wide range of topics over a multitude of industries.

Compliance courses for finance

Compliance courses for health & safety

Compliance courses for data

Compliance courses for HR

Compliance courses for crisis management

Can anyone take an online compliance course?

Compliance courses should be taken and retaken regularly by both new and experienced employees. Not only can employees forget information over time, but regulations can change. Providing refresher training ensures your employees have all the latest knowledge, and completing compliance training online is an accessible and flexible way to do it.

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