Go1 Multi-Generational Learning Report

Meeting the upskilling and training needs of a multi-generational workforce

Chris Eigeland, Chief Revenue Officer

A confluence of demographic and digital trends has placed the learning and development (L&D) industry on the precipice of fundamental change. By 2030, the global workforce will look dramatically different as Generation Z becomes a more influential force and older workers retire en masse or shift into new or part-time job roles.

To help prepare you for these seismic shifts, Go1 surveyed over 3,000 employees across the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia on their attitudes to learning in the workforce. This report explores their preferences for learning, and insights and best practices from global L&D experts on developing learning strategies for a multi-generational workforce.

Read this report to learn more about:

• The four generations of workers

• How to create a playbook for multi-generational learning

• How to close key skill gaps across generations

• Personalizing learning 3.0 and the impact of generative artificial intelligence

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