Working From Home - Working From Home As Managers

Working From Home - Working From Home As Managers

Ensure that communication works, and respect different communication practices.

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Updated Jul 08, 2020

Effective management of workers who have recently transitioned to working from home, or who are thinking of transitioning back to the office, requires strong processes, clear communication and solid support to keep them motivated and able to do their best work individually and with each other.

We offer a few considerations to keep in mind as you help manage your team through these changes, including:

  • Ensuring that communication works, and respecting different communication practices
  • Management styles: resisting the temptation to micromanage, giving credit, listening actively
  • Self-care and self-motivation
  • Leadership authenticity

The course has been developed by our e-learning team to help managers deal with the unfamiliar challenges that arise when managing remote teams.