Understanding Crime and Upholding Safety

Understanding Crime and Upholding Safety

Seven Dimensions
Updated Dec 30, 2019

Colin McLaren, former homicide detective, talks to Eve Ash about the high likelihood of theft, dishonesty and cybercrime. Policies, ramped up security and audits are key prevention tools. 

Course Overview 

In this video, retired detective Colin McLaren discusses with Eve Ash how workplaces can be sitting ducks for crimes such as theft, dishonesty and cyberattacks. He advocates ramping up security, investing in the right applications and consultants, and clamping down on abuse of privilege. Having strong policies and rules about use of company cars and credit cards is essential. So too are standard operating procedures (SOPs) and random checks for pornography, drugs and alcohol. With social media, less personal information sharing is best. Check people’s backgrounds when recruiting and ensure strong audit trails and double-checking for those with discretion over company money. 

Key Learning Points 

In this video, viewers will learn that:  

  • Crimes can occur anywhere, anytime by anyone 

  • Most business crimes are theft or dishonesty 

  • Security at work needs ramping up 

  • For cybercrime, invest in consultants  

  • Clear policies can help prevent abuse of privileges 

  • Strong rules are needed about pornography, drugs and alcohol 

  • Social media – less personal information is best 

  • Researching people’s backgrounds is essential when recruiting 

  • Ensure double-checking and auditing of all financial transactions 

Interviewer: Eve Ash 

Interviewee: Colin McLaren