Taking Initiatives at Work

Taking Initiatives at Work

Updated Jun 08, 2020

This course discusses tips on how to take initiative at work. The ability to see something that needs to be done and stepping up to do it is a game changing habit that can help you to stand out at work.

Having initiative demonstrates a sense of self-drive, self-awareness, insight and personal motivation.

The habit of taking initiative strengthens your personal brand. You can become a role model to others who would seek to emulate you.

What you will learn:

• A Game Changing Habit: Cultivating Initiative

• What Does Taking Initiative Mean?

• How to Develop Your Initiative Muscles

• Ways to Have Initiative at Work

• Seeking more responsibilities

• Tackling challenges/solving problems

• Training others/sharing knowledge

• Helping your co-workers

• Providing regular status updates

• Building strong working relationships with co-workers

• Doing things and projects that others avoid