Strategic Card Magic Course

Strategic Card Magic Course

A perfect first dip into the wonderful work of card tricks

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Updated Feb 08, 2019

What you'll learn

  • Industrial Skills---Industrial Skills

Part of our Learn to Master Magic Series, Strategic Card Magic is all about the set-up, and the execution. Pulling off these classics will separate you from the rest of the magic crowd.

Target Audience

This course is for anyone of any age with an interest in magic! It’s a perfect first dip into the wonderful work of tricks, a great refresher for magicians out of practice, and a fun experience for anyone with a curious mind!

Business Outcomes

Srategic card magic can lead you down many different career paths! You could use a trick and impress your boss, standing out from the crowd. You could continue learning about magic, following the steps of many magic lovers before you and becoming a professional magician. The possibilities are endless - and fascinating!