Partnering to Plan and Deliver Care - Aged Care Quality Standard 2

Partnering to Plan and Deliver Care - Aged Care Quality Standard 2

Learn how to partner with individuals, services and organisations to provide the best level of care for the elderly

Aged Care Learning Solutions
Updated Mar 07, 2019

This course covers the following:

  • Upholding rights to choice wants, goals and preferences
  • Responding to changing needs
  • Support from external services, organisations, groups
  • Co-ordination
  • Advanced Care Planning
  • Enduring Guardian

Business Objectives

"The relationship between organisations, individuals and service providing care and services and consumers must be a partnership. This approach upholds older people’s right to autonomy and control over how they get what they need and want to meet their health and well-being needs now and in the future. This topic provides detailed information about the various ways information can be gathered and how to ensure full involvement of each person in their care and services planning.

This learning resource highlights the importance for consumers to understand their plans, review their plans and be confident changes will be made as required. The resources required and involvement of a range of organisations, individuals and services (including specialist services) are explored. The consumer and others need to know what the plan includes and how to safely and effectively deliver the plan.

Advance care planning and end of life care is considered. End of life care and advanced care planning is covered in detail in the ACLS End of Life Care learning activity. Partnering to Plan and Deliver Care aligns to Standard 2 of the Aged Care Quality Standards."


This learning activity is for Aged Care workers