Parkinson’s Disease Awareness

Parkinson’s Disease Awareness

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Updated Oct 17, 2018

Course Description

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease which can result in the need for full-time care. This insightful course explains the causes of the disease, the symptoms and how it is diagnosed and treated. You will learn about the effects Parkinson’s has on everyday life and relationships, the different stages of the disease, and the issues faced in advanced Parkinson’s. This course details how to deal with worsening symptoms and provides links to resources available to carers.

In this course you will learn about:

  • What causes Parkinson’s disease
  • The symptoms and who is at risk
  • How it is diagnosed and treated
  • How to cope with, or help those in your care to cope with, a Parkinson’s diagnosis
  • More about the complex and interrelated symptoms of Parkinson’s
  • How to alleviate these symptoms
  • About the side effects of Parkinson’s medication, and
  • The effect of Parkinson’s on everyday life and relationships
  • The stages of Parkinson’s
  • Some of the issues faced by those with advanced Parkinson’s and their carers
  • Ways to deal with and adapt to worsening Parkinson’s symptoms, and
  • Some of the resources available to the carers of those with advanced Parkinson’s

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of Parkinson’s disease, including:

  • Frontline health staff, all health professionals, early help professionals, care workers and managers
  • Social care staff including carers in domiciliary settings and carers in care homes, social workers and managers
  • Managers of care providers
  • Family members

Course Duration

60 minutes