Organisational Culture Change Training - Management Skills

Organisational Culture Change Training - Management Skills

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Updated Mar 28, 2021

Business Improvement

Organisational culture change management - learn how to change a culture in your organisation.

Culture Change

  • Culture change is one of the biggest challenges any business will ever face!
  • Getting culture right can revolutionise a business, increase creativity and profitability!

Good Culture / Bad Culture

  • A good business culture can lift your business to the top of its sector.
  • A bad business culture can put a business on the scrap heap!
  • But how do you create a good culture?
  • How do you remedy a bad culture?
  • How do you measure a culture?

In this course you will learn how identify culture change opportunities.You will learn how to tie them to higher business objectives and you will also learn how to implement that culture change.

The ProPeC Method

What method will we be teaching?

This course is a collaboration between Mark Timberlake and Stephen Mather.

Stephen has developed the ProPeC system of business improvement after spending many years in the business improvement sector.

It is a revolutionary, yet simple system, that will give you business improvements fast.

It is this system that we will use to help you improve your business culture.

Who Is This Course For?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then this course is for you.

  • Are you a business owner who needs to change the culture of the business practices, the behaviour of the team to improve the profitability of the business?
  • Are you a manager who needs to implement culture change in your department and improve productivity and compliance to business goals and industry standards?
  • Are you a Human Resources Manager or HR professional that is tasked with implementing a culture change programme?
  • Are you a CEO or Director who needs to understand how culture change is carried out in a business or organisation?
  • Are you a professional manager or work in the HR industry and want to improve your employment viability?

Course Description

Implementing and adopting positive culture change in any organisation is often a massive challenge if you don't have the right skills and tools to initiate that change, in this course we will help you gain those skills and show you tools that will help you manage culture change.

You will learn why culture management is an important part of creating successful organisational structure and integrity.

Culture change without a clear objective aligned to high level business goals, is extremely difficult to implement, so we help you to identify the reasons why you need culture change and how to match them to business objectives.

You will also learn how to identify and measure the health of a culture in an organisation by using current state analysis techniques and tools.

We will also show you how to define and create goals that can be implemented within the culture change process.

By learning how to identify key actions and plans, you will be able to create an action plan that helps ensure your culture change project gets carried out.

Planning is fine in and of itself, but in this course we will also guide you through the implementation stage and show you how to manage the change process as it is being rolled out within your organisation.

We will also show you how to implement a review process so that you can make sure your changes are achieved in the short term and maintained in the long term.

Take The Course:

Join Mark Timberlake and Stephen Mather on the other side and learn how to manage a culture change process in an organisation, both at the theoretical level and with a simple example based project walkthrough.

What are the requirements?

  • The student will need access to a computer and the internet
  • The student will need a basic understanding of business organisational structures

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to implement culture change and manage the change process
  • Identify key actions and plans you need to create an action plan
  • Learn how to create and define goals that get implemented
  • Perform a current state analysis on present cultural conditions
  • How to tie culture change to specific business objectives
  • Identify why you need culture change
  • How to adopt a positive organisational approach to culture change
  • Learn how to identify and measure a culture
  • Understand the different behaviour measurement methods you can use to measure culture change
  • Learn why culture management is an important part of change management
  • Learn the principles of positive culture change in a business

What is the target audience?

  • This course is suitable for charities who want to improve their operational culture
  • This course is suitable for public sector organisations
  • This course is suitable for private sector business
  • This course will also help managers and HR professionals who want to improve their employment prospects by deepening their management skills
  • This course is suitable for CEO's and Directors show want to understand how culture change can improve the overall profitability of their business
  • This course will benefit Human Resources Professionals who are tasked with managing and implementing positive culture change
  • This course is suitable for managers who need to create a high quality culture in their area of influence
  • This course is suitable for business owners who want to create positive culture change in their business