Managing Motivation during Organizational Change

Managing Motivation during Organizational Change

Effective leaders are able to keep their employees motivated and productive even in times of great change. Successful organisations embrace change and adapt to new opportunities, but the transition can often be a stressful one for employees. This course will coach you to more effectively recognise and manage employee stress during periods of organisational change.

Updated Mar 11, 2018
A key challenge for managers is motivating and engaging employees during times of organizational change. To survive and grow in volatile markets, organizations have to embrace change; they have to innovate and adapt. However, because change involves uncertainty, it's stressful, and it can impact employee motivation and productivity – just at a time when an organization needs everyone to pull together and give their best efforts. In this course, you'll learn change management techniques to help you recognize and manage employee stress, as well as your own stress, during periods of change. You'll also learn about common reactions to change, and strategies for managing change to enable you to engage, motivate, and support employees.