Machine Guarding and Operator Safety

Machine Guarding and Operator Safety

Updated Jan 02, 2019
When used properly, various types of machine guarding and safety devices allow machine operators to perform their jobs safely and efficiently; unfortunately, many operators choose to cheat, defeat, or override these types of safety devices, often resulting in severe injury or death. This is why operators have a responsibility to respect the power of their equipment and the hazards it can present. This responsibility includes understanding the hazards presented by the specific equipment in their work area and following the necessary precautions and safe work practices required to prevent injury. This program explains these hazards and discusses how injuries can be avoided through the proper use of machine guarding, safety devices and safe work practices. Topics include common machine and equipment hazards, basic safe work practices, fixed and adjustable guarding, electrical interlocks, presence-sensing devices, two-hand controls, and two-hand trips.