Lean Business Process Management Change Skills

Lean Business Process Management Change Skills

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Updated Mar 30, 2021

Lean BPM - learn how to use lean business management techniques to reduce waste and increase profits.

Processes Affect Profits

Business profits are directly affected by how good or bad your business processes are.Good processes can reduce waste.Bad processes cost a business money.

Efficient Processes Creates Opportunity

It is a known fact that if a business improves on its processes it can create massive opportunity.

Brands like McDonalds are pure process driven businesses that have changed whole sectors because they recognized this!

Improving your processes will directly improve your profitability.

What You Will Learn In This Course

● This course will guide you through the whole process of LEAN improvement methods and show you how to implement a continuous improvement cycle.

● Understanding LEAN business processes is a key driver in improving business performance at any level.

● In this course we will teach you the ProPeC Simple Improvement Process, which takes state of the art business improvement principles and lays them out in a very simple to understand step by step process.

● You will understand and learn how to run a current state analysis of your business processes that will enable you to identify key areas of improvement.

● You will also learn how to tie improvements to high end business goals, so that they meet core business objectives.

● Identifying and implementing an action plan is a key component of strong change management and you will be shown how to do this in this course.

● You will be able to identify the different TIM WOODS wastes in a business.

● Creating a process flow is a core skill in any continuous improvement cycle, which you will understand once you have been through the course.

● Writing SMART goals ensures that what you are trying to achieve is actually based in reality, in this course we will teach you how to create them.

● Maybe you need help running efficient business meetings, in this course we take you through the process of setting up a meeting that achieves its end goal.

● By the time you have completed this course, you will know how to review a continuous improvement project and indeed lead a team through that project.