Infection control: Hand hygiene

Infection control: Hand hygiene

Health Staff Ed
Updated Jun 26, 2019

Course Overview

This 1.5 hour interactive course addresses all the basics of hand hygiene for clinicians. It is a reminder to every healthcare worker of the importance of diligent hand hygiene.

It incorporates the current best available evidence.

This course has been written by healthcare content experts and has been peer reviewed.

Target Audience

All healthcare workers

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn and refresh knowledge of the three main forms of transmission of infections and know the 5 moments of hand hygiene. Different types of hand hygiene is taught in interactive step-by-step guides. Participants will learn simple ways to improve hand hygiene organisation wide.

Business Outcomes

This course is an essential element in a multipronged approach to infection control in healthcare.

It meets the requirements of the NSQHS and ACQS standards as they relate to training in infection prevention and control and hand hygiene.