Implement Lighting & Security Strategies

Implement Lighting & Security Strategies

Seven Dimensions
Updated Dec 30, 2019

Thieves and vandals are on the lookout for poorly fortified buildings. Ensure they get nowhere with these fortification approaches. 

Course Overview 

All businesses face the threat of thieves and vandals, particularly at night. Colin McLaren, former homicide investigator, recommends to Eve Ash that workplaces should invest in securing their property with armored or plated glass and solid locks and bolts. There needs to be responsibility and protocols for the lockup process. Companies also should invest in bold signage, quality lights that do not flicker, night lighting and sensors (outside and inside) and camera surveillance up high. Paint stairwells white (useful for employees who are working back late). Don’t ignore the importance of keeping driveways and rubbish areas clean. Arsonists and vandals are attracted to untidy surrounds.   

Key Learning Points 

Your premises might be vulnerable. Fortify with: 

  • Quality lighting 
  • Locks and bolts 
  • Responsibility and protocols for lockup process 
  • Camera surveillance 
  • Bold signage 
  • Armored or laminated glass 
  • Night lighting and sensors 
  • Clean driveways and rubbish areas 

Interviewer: Eve Ash 

Interviewee: Colin McLaren