HR Law Toolkit: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

HR Law Toolkit: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Updated Feb 12, 2020
Welcome to the “HR Law Toolkit: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)” video lesson meant to shed light on the federal standards for minimum wage, overtime pay, employment of minors, and recordkeeping. This video lesson is part of the “HR Law Toolkit,” which gives learners the resources they need to adhere to federal laws that apply to their organization. During this lesson, viewers will learn employer requirements regarding minimum wage and become familiar with which employees are exempt and which employees are non-exempt from overtime pay. In addition, learners will examine the jobs that are allowed (or prohibited) for underage children based on their age. Finally, this lesson addresses recordkeeping requirements, the recent provision on breastfeeding, and what individuals can do if they feel an FLSA violation has occurred. (Keywords: wages, tips, hazardous occupations, liability, damages)