GHS Container Labels (GHS)

GHS Container Labels (GHS)

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Updated Feb 01, 2019
To help employees understand how the GHS changes chemical container labeling, this education and training program is designed to present fundamental information in the following areas: · How the Globally Harmonized System changes the chemical container labeling requirements in the Hazard Communication Standard.· The contents of the textual information on GHS labels.· The pictographic information on GHS labels.· The required phase-in and training dates associated with OSHA's adoption of the GHS labeling system. Upon completion of the program employees should: · Know what the differences are between GHS container labels and other commonly used chemical hazard labeling systems such as the HMIS and NFPA systems. · Know what the six major pieces of information on GHS container labels are.· Be able to recognize the nine pictograms used on GHS labels and know what they stand for.If you need this program in Spanish, please contact your BizLibrary Learning Consultant.