Getting In & Out of Buildings (IOSH approved and CPD certified)

Getting In & Out of Buildings (IOSH approved and CPD certified)

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Updated Jan 06, 2021

Ever been to an escape room? They’re like the Crystal Maze but just worse. They’re also a staple of a modern work day-out. Being stuck in a small room with your workmates for the best part of an hour might not seem like much fun though. Some like it and some don’t. But as the idea is to escape, everyone’s happy eventually. When you do finally escape and get back to work, you won’t want to face more obstacles.

Throughout your working day, you’ll need to get in and out of rooms and buildings and even on and off site. If those entrances or exits are blocked or difficult to use, then that can be problematic or even dangerous - especially if they’re fire exits. That’s where this course comes in.

What does this course cover?

  • Identify different types of doors
  • Defining the normal use of doors and fire exits
  • Obstacles and the dangers of getting in and out
  • How to get in and out safely

Why should I take this course?

This course is for everyone who works in a building – which is most of us. We all need to be able to enter and exit the buildings we work in safely. This course will teach you about the obstacles and dangers you might encounter, how to get in and out safely, and the different types of door to look out for. And in case you were wondering what my fave Crystal Maze zone was…, I liked the Aztec Zone, the Medieval one was rubbish.