Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

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Updated Jun 22, 2020

The Freedom of Information Act (2000) provides public access to information held by public authorities. 
However, not all information requests are covered by the FOIA. For example, environmental and personal information requests fall under the Environmental Information Regulations (2004) and Data Protection Act (2018) respectively. 
Lack of compliance can have consequences for you as an individual as well as your organisation. It’s important that you understand your roles and responsibilities regarding Freedom of Information (FOI) within your organisation.

Understand your role regarding Freedom of Information (FOI) by learning: 

  1. What constitutes an Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) or FOI request.
  2. Your responsibilities upon receiving such a request.
  3. How to adequately reply to a request.
  4. Exemptions of FOI.

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