Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 Overview (CPD certified)

Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 Overview (CPD certified)

Tom Moore
Updated Apr 04, 2021

Food… Mmm! If we’re not eating it, we’re preparing it, or simply thinking about it! Whether that’s planning the evening meal, or trying to stick to a diet, we just can’t get enough of food! As you can imagine, it’s big business. In the food industry, ensuring anything destined for human consumption is safe is the only way of staying above the law, so knowing how to do that is vital.

What this course will cover?

  • Demonstrate understanding of food safety and hygiene laws
  • Explain the concept of contamination and causes of food poisoning
  • Use safe methods of chilling, handling, storing, cooking and reheating food
  • Identify allergens and other hazards
  • Recognise the need for high standards of cleaning and hygiene in food businesses

Why should I take this course?

If you work in food handling, storage or preparation, you need to be able to follow strict guidelines to ensure safety and hygiene is a top priority. This course covers the key themes from Level 2 Food Safety, but is not a full industry qualification. It will explain food safety laws and legislation and guide you through best practices in food handling and preparation. Let’s wash our hands and get stuck in.