Drug Calculations - A Quick Revision

Drug Calculations - A Quick Revision

Health Staff Ed
Updated Nov 20, 2019

Course Overview

This course provides a review of drug calculations for oral tablets, mixtures and solutions, and intravenous medications. Participants are provided a step-by-step guide on formulas, weight-based medications and rounding.

Target Audience

Nurses and Midwives

Learning Objective

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand the formulas required to complete medication calculations for three types of medications: oral tablets, mixtures and solution and intravenous medications
  2. Calculate the number of oral tablets required when the prescribed dose and stock strength of a medication are known
  3. Determine the amount of a solution to administer when the prescribed dose, stock volume and stock strength are known
  4. Calculate the infusion rate or drip rate based on the volume of medication to be given in a set period of time
  5. Understand how to determine the amount of medication to administer when weight based dosing is required

Business Outcomes

This course compliments any medication safety learning package and can be used as a refresher for anyone involved in medication administration.