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Updated Feb 14, 2019

Course Overview 

Highlights the benefits of consultation, and the role of a well-structured committee in approaching health and safety issues at work. Can be used in your induction process or as a refresher for existing workers. This consultation safety course will motivate everyone to think about health and safety matters.

Course consists of 5 minutes of video content combined with assessment questions and interactivity.

Learning Objectives 

  • The benefits of consultation in the workplace
  • The benefits of committees
  • The ideal make up of a safety committee
  • How to be an effective member

Target Audience 

Target audience is all new inductees and existing blue-collar workers and health and safety committee members.

Business Outcomes  

It’s a well-recognised fact that consultation is by far the best means of approaching health and safety issues at work. Your management can make more informed and better quality WHS decisions whilst your workers will have “buy in”.


10 to 15 Minutes