CGL and Contracts

CGL and Contracts

Updated Aug 21, 2019

Course Overview

This course is a review of ""insured contracts"", various forms of contractual obligations, leases, hold harmless, indemnity clauses, and how the CGL would respond to each.

  • Overview of Contractual Agreements
  • Insured Contracts
  • Rights & Obligations of the Named Insured
  • Additional Insureds
  • Cross & Severable Liability
  • Other Insurance
  • Certificates of Insurance
  • IBC Mortgage Clause
  • Legislation
  • Tenants Legal Liability
  • Brokers' Obligations

Target Audience

Insurance professionals, accountants, lawyers or other non-insurance employees responsible for procuring insurance for their business.

Learning Objectives

Help insurance professionals and non-insurance professionals alike learn more about Commercial General Liability (CGL) and insured contracts.