Beginner Selections and Masking

Beginner Selections and Masking

Updated Mar 15, 2019
Don’t get lost in Adobe® Photoshop® CC! In this easy-to-follow class, Jason Hoppe will teach you the beginner basics of a number of these amazing programs essential features. Make the most of your time by learning to use selection tools and layering masks while deepening your photo editing skills.

 In this class you’ll learn how to: 
  • Use selection tools including Lasso, Magic Wand, Quick Selection and Marquee 
  • Apply layering masks to speed up your processing time 
  • Integrate selections and masks to maximize your editing power and efficiency
Along the way, Jason will walk you through some typical challenges you may face, and examples of techniques that will save you time and help you expand your Adobe Photoshop CC skills.


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