Alcohol and Other Drugs

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Updated Apr 12, 2019

Course Overview

We all deserve a safe, productive work environment. One in which everybody shows up in a condition to do the job well. Today, we’ll be looking at how alcohol and other drugs can get in the way of showing up fit for work.

Learning Objectives

The ViaUp Alcohol and Other Drugs in Your Workplace course will teach you:

  • Your duty of care in keeping the workplace free from alcohol and other drugs
  • The impact alcohol and other drugs can have on work, safety, and interactions with others
  • The potential reasons people may use these substances, and
  • Some positive steps they can take to find support and kick the habit.

Business Objectives

This course enables your organisation to identify and address the risks invovled when somebody chooses to show up to work under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. By addressing these risks, and dispelling some of the myths surrounding the topic, people will be empowered to prevent incidents and support their colleagues.


The ViaUp Alcohol and Other Drugs in Your Workplace course is designed to benefit businesses and organisations of any size.

Course Outline

  • Welcome to Happy Co.
  • Alcohol
  • Other Drugs
  • The Full Story
  • Further Support


Subject Matter Expert

Alcohol and Drug Foundation QLD


  • Engaging 2D animated video content
  • Immersive 2D scenarios
  • A unique, intuitive course navigation and menu structure.

Course Duration

Approximately 20 minutes