Adobe Photoshop CC Bootcamp

Adobe Photoshop CC Bootcamp

Updated Mar 15, 2019

Adobe® Photoshop CC® is a valuable tool for photographers, but it can also be intimidating. In this all-inclusive 20 lesson course, you’ll go from opening the program for the first time to creating images that really stand out. Join Blake Rudis, Photoshop expert and founder of f64 Academy, as he shows you how to maximize your use of Photoshop. 

Topics covered will include:

• Class Introduction & Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, Setup Interface, Cropping and Layers
• Layer Tools, Masks, Selections, Clean-Up Tools and Shapes & Text
• Smart Objects , Transforming, Actions, Filters and Editing Video
• Custom Creative Effects, Natural Retouching, Portrait Workflow, Landscape Workflow, and Composite Workflow

Don’t let the many aspects of Photoshop prevent you from maximizing your use of this amazing app. Blake will help you develop the confidence to use your imagination and create the images that you will be proud to share with your clients.


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