Break down barriers and drive record-breaking employee engagement through streamlined content discovery and curation

Activate learning for all employees instantly

Seamlessly import development courses and trainings into Litmos, for a consolidated learning and development tech stack.

Take the hassle out of setup and launch

Import the most relevant courses from 250+ Go1 content providers directly into Litmos.

Drive learning outcomes within one system

Track engagement and progress with automated data flow and reporting, without leaving Litmos.

Remove the guesswork from skill development

From compliance to emotional intelligence and presentation skills, Go1 offers content for each employee’s needs or role.

Uncovering stereotypes and trends in learning with Go1 x Litmos

We went live with Litmos’ Chief Learning Officer Jill Stefaniak to talk about everything from generational stereotypes to Gen AI and microlearning. Read up on everything we covered!

Ready whenever or wherever your team is logging on

With Go1 and Litmos, your team has immediate access to high-quality courses and trainings, no matter where they learn from.

Companies learning with Go1 through Litmos

Connect with our team to learn more about Go1 within Litmos

We’ll show you how to access the world’s most diverse learning and compliance content, complete with top training providers, directly from Litmos