Go1 + Microsoft Viva Learning

Access courses from Go1, the most comprehensive library of digital learning providers, through Microsoft Viva Learning.
Over 200 learning providers, all in the one Go1 subscription.

Keep your workforce engaged and deliver learning in the flow of everyday work


Learning for your entire workforce delivered across Microsoft 365

Microsoft Viva Learning is the center for learning in Microsoft 365 where people can discover, share, recommend, and learn from content libraries like Go1. 

  • Easily search for and share learning content in Microsoft Teams chats with groups or individuals.
  • Organize custom selections of learning content within Teams channels and tabs.
  • Discover learning content across the Microsoft 365 suite - in Office.com, Microsoft Search, and SharePoint.
“We are pleased that Go1 is now integrated with Microsoft Viva Learning, bringing Go1's diverse, global content library into the flow of work with the tools people already use during their workday. Go1’s breadth and depth of content across industries and roles, from office to first-line workers, supports Microsoft’s mission to help people and organizations achieve more.”
Seth PattonGeneral Manager, Microsoft 365 Next Gen Productivity & Employee Experience
How to empower employees to learn seamlessly in the flow of work

Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin, Microsoft’s Senior Learning Experience Designer Jane Hourigan, and Delta Airlines’ Director of Learning Brandon Carson talk about how the way learners access and consume training is changing, and what that means for L&D professionals.

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What differentiates Go1 from other learning providers?

With so many digital learning providers available, differentiating between offerings and settling on the most suitable option can be complicated. We've simplified the process by answering one crucial question: what differentiates Go1 from other learning providers?

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How to motivate your team to invest in their professional development

Without the proper tools and processes, motivating your team to invest in their professional development can be a struggle. As such, we have decided to investigate the best ways to motivate your team to invest in their professional development.

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