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Go1 + Microsoft Teams
Access learning content from Go1, the most comprehensive library of digital learning providers, through our free Go1 Learning app for Microsoft Teams.
Over 200 learning providers, all in the one Go1 subscription.
Empower your workforce by delivering learning experiences in the flow of work
Learning for your entire workforce delivered right within Microsoft Teams

  • Create spaces for learning within Teams to find, consume, share, and discuss learning resources.
  • Search for learning content based on the skills and values that are important to your team.
  • Share any learning resource with both public and private teams or individuals - right from the course itself.
  • Complete learning together in real time with Microsoft Teams Meetings.
  • Track all learning records for Go1 courses consumed in Teams in the Go1 platform or your own LMS.

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Go1's Learning App for Microsoft Teams Setup Guides
See how to install the app as a team owner, deliver learning to your team and track learning content consumed in Microsoft Teams back to the Go1 Platform or your own LMS.
What differentiates Go1 from other learning providers?
With so many digital learning providers available, differentiating between offerings and settling on the most suitable option can be complicated. We've simplified the process by answering one crucial question: what differentiates Go1 from other learning providers?
How to empower employees to learn seamlessly in the flow of work
Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin, Microsoft’s Senior Learning Experience Designer Jane Hourigan, and Delta Airlines’ Director of Learning Brandon Carson talk about how the way learners access and consume training is changing, and what that means for L&D professionals.
Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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