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Learning for every employee, in Microsoft Viva
Go1 integrates with Microsoft Viva to provide digital learning for all employees at all levels – right where they need it most. Access courses from the Go1 Content Hub, one of the largest digital learning libraries in the world, through Microsoft Viva Learning.
What is Microsoft Viva?
Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform with a learning experience component, Viva Learning, which seamlessly integrates access to learning content in the places employees already spend time.
Search and share learning content in Microsoft Teams chats with groups or individuals.
Organize custom selections of learning content within Teams channels and tabs.
Discover learning content across the Microsoft 365 suite—in Office.com, Microsoft Search, and SharePoint.
What is the Go1 Content Hub?
At Go1, we believe employee learning experiences should be frictionless. We work with over 200 providers to host their content in one subscription, making the Go1 Content Hub the world’s largest digital learning library. So, what does that mean for you?
Find the right content and learn immediately
Pre-curated playlists to build learning programs
We support you to identify courses to meet your learning outcomes, as part of your subscription
A few of our learner favorites
Learn without barriersLearning should be a natural part of your employees’ day, whether working from home or in the office. With Go1 integrated into Microsoft Viva, you can easily search and share courses from over 200 content providers in your Microsoft ecosystem.
Time and cost-efficientFace-to-face and multiple training providers are impossible to scale. With Go1 integrated into Microsoft Viva, you have access to professional development, wellbeing, and compliance courses for all employees at all levels. You can have a big impact with a small L&D team in one simple subscription.
Empowered learning94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development [LinkedIn Learning report, 2019]. The Go1 Content Hub will give you access to a breadth of top-tier courses in your Microsoft ecosystem, empowering employees to do their best work boosting retention and productivity.
How to empower employees to learn seamlessly in the flow of work
Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin, Microsoft’s Senior Learning Experience Designer Jane Hourigan, and Delta Airlines’ Director of Learning Brandon Carson talk about how the way learners access and consume training is changing, and what that means for L&D professionals.
Why content aggregation is changing L&D
Content aggregation is fundamentally changing L&D for the better. We’ve decided to ask why. We’ll start by asking what content aggregation is, before explaining how it is changing the L&D landscape.
How to motivate your team to invest in their professional development
Without the proper tools and processes, motivating your team to invest in their professional development can be a struggle. As such, we have decided to investigate the best ways to motivate your team to invest in their professional development.
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