Simplify learning in Health and Aged Care
Get all your compliance and professional development needs, across your entire workforce, in a simple subscription. Discover how Go1 Content Hub can simplify your online learning so you can focus on what matters most.
Get the best in Healthcare and Aged Care training
We partner with general and specialist training providers from around the world, bringing you the best compliance and professional development training in a single subscription.
Transition to online learning easily
With our expertly curated playlists and training recommendations AI, you can roll out online learning in no time.
Meets the Australian ACQS Aged Care Quality Standards
Get peace of mind by meeting all of your training requirements for all 8 of the new quality standards in a single library, with easy reporting if you get audited.
Support your entire workforce
Support professional development in every team, from CPD training for nurses, IT skills for administrators, to Leadership development for management.
Learn from the best
Power your learning initiatives with quality content from the best training providers from around the world.
Tailored to your needs
By understanding your unique needs, Go1 will recommend training that is best suited for your team and outcomes.
Tailored to your roles and industry
Relevant for your location and experience
Based on activity from over one million learners
Trusted by the best
UNSW Sydney
RiMi Williams
Enable your learners to grow
Access expertly curated playlists
No need to spend hours assessing and matching content to your learners
Let learners take ownership
Empower your teams to choose when and how they learn
Measure learning progress
Enrich your learning initiatives with AI-driven learner insights and intuitive reporting
Start your learning todayFree 30 day trial ・ No credit card required ・ No need to spend hours assessing and matching content to your learners
Our old training was very scattered. Since partnering with Go1, our usage has sky-rocketed and we’ve seen a more educated and engaged sales force.
Douglas TiltonVP of Operations
I love the energy and agility of Go1; there's a completely fresh way of thinking, always looking for solutions to fit our problems.
Kylie LanoState Manager Equipment Finance