Getting started

This document provides an overview of how to get started integrating with Go1 - using our developer tools and APIs.

1. Create a Go1 account

Contact us and one of our Sales Representatives will get in touch to help you set up your Go1 account, which you will need to set up your developer application and get access to your API keys.

2. Register your developer application & retrieve your API keys

Once you have a Go1 account, you will be able to create your developer application and receive your API keys, which can be used to authenticate with the Go1 API by retrieving an OAuth access token, see Authentication with Go1 to learn more. There are two types of developer applications with differing permissions, select the guide below bases on your integration use case.

  • Multi-tenant developer application
    Register a multi-tenant developer application if your integration involves providing Go1 content to multiple organisations or customers, or providing the Go1 Learning Platform to multiple customers. This application has permissions to create Go1 customers portals, which are required if you are working with multiple customers.
  • Single-tenant developer application
    Register a single-tenant developer application if your integration will involve integrating and distributing your content through Go1, or if you are interacting with a single instance of the Go1 Learning Platform.
3. Build your integration

Build your integration using our developer documentation and APIs. A great place to start is our integration guides which outline our most commonly used integration patterns for powering your product offering with Go1 content, and publishing your content with Go1. You might also like to familiarize yourself with our API Reference documentation to see all of the available endpoints in our public API.

4. Meet our Integration Guidelines

To use the API and publish your integration with Go1, you will need to ensure that you abide by our Integration Guidelines.

5. Launch your integration

When your integration is ready - we'll review it and help you launch to market.

  • Launching your own content
    If you're launching your own content offer within Go1, read our Launch guide and ensure you follow the process outlined.
  • Launching an integration using Go1 content
    If you're launching an integration that uses Go1 content, contact us at [email protected], so we can ensure your integration is ready to go and has access to all of the right content for your market.