Manage content updates

Learn how to stay up to date with changes to the Go1 library, and keep your content offer up to date in real-time.

The Go1 library is continually evolving and being updated by our content providers - new content is being added to the library, old or redundant content is being removed and existing content is being updated. Ensuring that the content offering that you provide your users is still the most up to date content is essential for creating a great user experience within your application.

Go1 utilises two unique webhooks to help our integrators be aware of content updates in the Go1 library. These webhooks provide notifications when changes have been made to the Go1 Library - either through (1) updates to the library or (2) content being marked for decommissioning. We'll explore these webhooks and how to implement them within your application within the guides below.


Explore the guidesView the following guides to manage content updates.