Play content

Learn how to retrieve and play Go1 content in your application. There are two primary solutions available to provide a rich playback experience inside your platform. Select the option that best suits your platform's configuration.

Play content using your SCORM player

We recommend this option if your platform already has a SCORM player available. This method allows you to retrieve a SCORM package for any piece of Go1 content via the API, and play that content using your SCORM player. If you do have a SCORM player, this is generally the simplest and quickest method of integration - as content playing and tracking functionality should already exist in your platform.

Play content in the Go1 Player via authenticated links

We recommend this option only if you do not have a SCORM player available. This method allows you to play Go1 content by embedding the Go1 player into your platform. To embed the Go1 player, you'll generate a unique 'play' URL for each piece of content via the API, which you can surface seamlessly in your platform.


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