Discover & curate content

Learn how to surface the Go1 library within your application for your learners to discover, preview and curate content. Surfacing content is can be achieved by either building your own API-driven content catalogue or by embedding the Go1 Catalogue component. The Catalogue experience you create within your application is core to how your users will discover and interact with Go1 content.

There are various use-cases the content catalogue you build may support, some examples include:

  • For Admins, a curation storefront for customers to discover & select the content they would like to add to your platform.
  • For Learners, a direct user-facing content library, for learners to explore and enrol in self-directed learning.

The solution you build will depend on the integrated experience you are looking to create within your platform. The steps in this guide will provide you with the necessary knowledge you need to support your scenario of choice.


Explore the guidesIn this concept, we’ll explore three different options to build your content discovery and curation interface.