Music Tribe partners with Microsoft Viva, Go1, and Avanade to deliver strategic learning resources for its employees

Using Microsoft Viva as their Employee Experience (EX) solution, combined with the Go1 Premium learning library, they saw 40% of Music Tribe employees actively engaged in learning content within a month of launch.
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Faced with a decline in employee engagement, Music Tribe set out to transform its Employee Experience (EX) and create clear learning and development paths for employees. Using Microsoft Viva as their EX solution, combined with the Go1 Premium learning library, they saw 40% of Music Tribe employees actively engaged in learning content within a month of launch.

About the customer

Headquartered in Makati, Philippines, Music Tribe is a multi-national leader for professional audio products and musical instruments with operations across the globe.  Their world-class brands, also known as Tribes, empower their community to become the most creative they can be.

Their challenge

In the last few years, Music Tribe faced high attrition and poor employee engagement due to a lack of career development opportunities. Music Tribe realized that Learning and Development (L&D) is essential to attract and retain the best talent. In fact, a recent survey found that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. 

Subsequently, Music Tribe decided that their employees, also known as Tribers, needed better learning opportunities to attract and retain them as well as provide them with pathways for advancement within the organization. Music Tribe needed a solution to give Tribers more control over their personal and professional growth by enabling learning across different divisions in the business.

A need for high quality learning experiences

Music Tribe decided to move towards a learning experience natively integrated into their productivity environment - Teams and Microsoft 365. Music Tribe wanted to emphasize social and collaborative learning and place more control in their learners’ hands.  With less focus placed on formalized training in a traditional LMS, Music Tribe wanted to offer a wide array of learning pathways and content and to deliver more personalized learning content for every employee. One of their key priorities was to make learning a fun and engaging experience for all, much like their core values of creating an inclusive and inspiring workplace.

 “As part of our Vision "We Empower. You Create", we wanted to empower our Tribers (employees) by means of learning and self-improvement. We looked for tools that would aggregate content from different providers and deliver it to our Tribers in an easily accessible way." Uli Behringer, Founder and CEO, Music Tribe

Microsoft Viva Learning + Go1 Premium content library

Music Tribe had already deployed Microsoft Teams across their organization, and in 2021 they adopted Microsoft Viva, an employee experience platform that brings together communications, knowledge, learning, resources, and insights in the flow of work.

Music Tribe added the Viva Learning module in December of 2021, and together with Go1 deployed the joint solution to 900 employees across Malaysia, Philippines, China, and Europe.  The pilot is helping initial adoption and providing valuable learning before expanding to all divisions within the company.

"In partnership with Avanade, the Go1 + Viva Learning joint solution for Music Tribe is a great example of putting people first. By bringing crucial employee experiences like learning to the forefront in Teams and Microsoft 365, we’re making it easier for employees to develop and grow. We look forward to helping build a learning culture within Music Tribe and other Viva customers with our partners.” Seth Patton, General Manager, Microsoft 365 Next Gen Productivity & Employee Experience 

By deploying Viva Learning and Go1 together, employees can now define their own learning paths in a social and collaborative learning experience without Music Tribe needing to purchase an expensive traditional LMS solution. Go1 learning content is seamlessly incorporated into the places employees already spend their time. The Go1 Premium library perfectly complements Viva Learning’s first-party learning offerings such as Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Training. Go1 has ensured that Music Tribe has a diverse range of content across different functions, languages, and capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to deliver the world's largest workplace learning library to Music Tribe employees, via Microsoft Viva Learning. We believe employee learning experiences should be frictionless, and with Go1 and Viva Learning, Music Tribe's employees are able to access relevant learning content from hundreds of different learning providers, all within the Microsoft tools they use every day.” Andrew Barnes, CEO & Co-Founder of Go1

Avanade helping unlock full employee experience potential

Established by Accenture and Microsoft in 2000, Avanade provides technology and consulting expertise focused on the Microsoft ecosystem. Leveraging Avanade’s technical depth and Microsoft-focused capabilities, Avanade was key in understanding the components of Viva that Music Tribe wanted to deploy.

“We’re proud to have partnered with Microsoft Viva Learning and Go1 in Music Tribe’s employee experience journey - putting people at the heart of the organization and empowering them with the tools and support to grow and thrive.” Bhavya Kapoor, Southeast Asia Managing Director, Avanade

Increased employee engagement within a month of launch

Structured learning pathways and programs were curated with Go1 as part of Music Tribe's implementation and within a month of launch, over 40% of Music Tribe employees engaged with learning content, well over the industry standard for levels of employee engagement in learning content.

Music Tribe employees are now finding relevant and engaging content from tens of thousands of learning and development resources from the world's best providers, such as Blinkist, Mindtools, Thomson Reuters, and Josh Bersin Academy.

“Go1 brings the content together and Viva Learning delivers it as a natural part of the workday. This solution tremendously helped our Tribers sourcing content while giving more time developing their learning pathways and make the most of their professional development on our Employee Experience platform.” Uli Behringer, Founder and CEO, Music Tribe

Go1’s single subscription model was a crucial differentiator for the Music Tribe team. Managing multiple content subscriptions can be difficult and costly. Incorporating the Go1 library into their Microsoft Viva Learning module allowed Music Tribe to deliver the world of learning content with one subscription, attracting and retaining its workforce through rich learning and growth opportunities for its employees.

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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