Creating a culture of learning at Metro Trains

Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

At Go1, we’re passionate about helping companies deliver the highest quality training to their employees.

We recently talked to Metro Trains Melbourne about how using Go1 has helped to provide more professional development opportunities for their staff and create a culture of learning. 

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The company

Metro Trains Melbourne, often known as Metro, is committed to providing the Melbourne community, and its visitors, with a comfortable, safe and reliable train network as part of an interconnected public transport service.

As the city’s metropolitan rail service, Metro aims to encourage the Melbourne community’s vibrant and ever evolving lifestyles, by providing a seamless transport solution to keep individuals connected. 

When it comes to their workforce, Metro wants to empower their employees to think outside the box, deliver exceptional results and leave their own mark. 

They are all about encouraging a workplace culture that fosters different thinking and innovation of ideas to drive change.

The challenge

Building and maintaining top class skills and capability has always been a top priority for the global railway industry. This is the very reason for the establishment of the Metro Academy - a learning and development program designed by Metro to provide employees with the opportunity to enhance their careers. 

We asked Kathryn Jenkins, Metro’s Learning and Organisational Development Manager, about the company’s previous approach to training, before partnering with Go1. While the Academy was dedicated to providing technical training such as rail safety, what it really lacked was ongoing professional development opportunities for staff. 

And so, they started their journey to find the perfect solution to fill this gap. 

The solution

Metro found that solution in Go1.

“We knew that with a focus on professional development and leadership training we wanted to look at more multi-model, more technological based solutions as opposed to face-to-face,” says Kathryn.  

They wanted their learning and development program to include a comprehensive suite of online learning resources, where staff could search for learning activities to align the capabilities and learning development that will support their careers.

After making the decision to go ahead with Go1, Kathryn found the implementation process very easy and straightforward.

“The process of setting Go1 up was really, I have to say, easy. Especially in comparison to many of the other implementations I’ve done before.”

As part of their three-week implementation process, Metro rebranded the Go1 platform internally to be known as “Learning at Metro.” In its pilot phase, this portal was used to roll out professional development activities to their corporate staff, and a self-directed approach was highly encouraged. 

The results

One of the things Kathryn has found most useful about Go1 is the ability to tailor and customise learning content to fit the needs of their staff. 

As Eloise Dunham, Metro’s Learning and Organisational Development Coordinator, explains, Go1 has had a positive impact on the staff at Metro, with an increased level of engagement amongst employees, as well as new ways in which they can use the platform within the business.

“People at Metro are excited about the portal, they’re excited to learn, they want to go in and see what’s going on and you can really see that from our reporting functionality that people are actually completing their training.” 

These are just the kind of results we love to see at Go1, as employees embrace using the platform and get more excited and involved in learning.

Overall, the uptake of Go1 at Metro has been a very positive one and it is starting to become a “learning one-stop-shop” as Kathryn says.

“When I go out and brief the business on the Learning at Metro portal I liken it to “Netflix for learning” but I think it is much more than that, I think it’s multi-purposed impact that has had the most traction in our business.” 

The future

With over 650 employees now using Learning at Metro for their professional development training needs, Kathryn explains that they’re seeing an increasing level of interest throughout the business.

“The original intent was to have this particular portal directed to corporate and support services staff, but word of mouth is interesting because it’s grown.” 

“Everyday we go into the portal from an administration point of view, [and] we are very excited by the number of people that are using the portal. We can even see from the reporting functionality that they’re not just going into Learning at Metro, they’re actually exploring as we want them to do, they’re actually completing activities and I think that will obviously grow as we move forward with our plans to offer more directed learning pathways.” 

We’d like to thank Kathryn and Eloise for taking the time to speak to us and look forward to hearing more about Metro’s journey with Go1, as their learning program continues to grow.

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