Keeping CAMILLA’s retail and HQ Tribe Members engaged in employee training

Lexi Partell, Public Relations Manager

The company

CAMILLA is an iconic Australian lifestyle brand, founded in Bondi in 2004 by designer and artist Camilla Franks. Known for their luxury womenswear, menswear, homewares and accessories, they are now in multiple international markets. The company works with three charities through their iChange program, supporting The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Women's Community Shelters and The Hunger Project. 

CAMILLA’ s tribe of approximately 250 employees is dispersed throughout Australia and America. We recently spoke to Gabrielle Fanning, CAMILLA ’s People and Culture Business Partner, on how Go1 has made a big difference to CAMILLA ’s learning and development offering. 

The challenge

With the business expanding rapidly, keeping tribe members engaged in learning and development was becoming a challenge for CAMILLA. 

It was becoming clear that there was a need for an online training solution that ensured personal development and growth through all parts of the diverse business. At the time, face-to-face training offered a lack of consistency in training due to the disbursement across the regions. 

With multiple departments requiring a shared platform, from HQ (Villa CAMILLA) to retail, it was important to the People and Culture team that they were able to create their own content, and provide staff with an accessible platform offering learning modules and development pieces.

The solution

With the flexibility and availability of Go1, HQ and retail staff across Australia and the US can now access the platform at their leisure - either at home or in store. 

“CAMILLA prides itself on its brand identity and the adaptability of the Go1 platform allows us not to lose out on that aesthetic,” says Gabrielle.

“The platform is easy to use and is available at any time for our tribe members. If they are having a quiet day in the store, they can go out the back and use the iPad to train. We have everything on there from our policies to our recorded workshops, as well as the Go1 Content Hub.”

CAMILLA didn’t want to provide their team with just video or powerpoint slides. They now utilise the platform to back up their face-to-face training and find that the content is adaptable to all of their training needs. 

“There’s something for everyone, from our accounting department, marketing, leadership team, wholesale. to our retail staff and our new starters. We knew we were destined to go global, so the fact that there is US based content, as well as Australian content, makes it easy for us to cover the broad range of interests, development needs and learning pieces. There is no other solution that offers that type of scope.”

The results

It’s exciting to see that a learning culture is now being built at CAMILLA, with staff taking the initiative to log on to the platform throughout COVID.

The launch of Go1 to the wider retail team provided engagement throughout the COVID period, allowing tribe members to learn from their homes before preparing to go back into stores. 

“The US tribe members really enjoy the platform. It provides lots of content from the Go1 library, as well as our own comms which otherwise would be difficult to communicate due to timezone.”

CAMILLA’s Learning and Development team, along with their Go1 Customer Success Manager, are now also looking to launch an onboarding program which includes the values and simple store processes for new angels that can be completed before they work in the Boutique environment. 

“The differentiator for us is that the Go1 Content Hub is simple to use, it looks and feels like our brand, and the support is phenomenal. That’s always the friction point with other systems because you can’t use them to their full capability - the support we get from Go1 is second to none,” says Gabrielle.

We’d like to thank Gabrielle for taking the time to speak to us and look forward to hearing more about CAMILLA’s journey with Go1, as their learning program continues to grow.

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