How Bentleys is building a culture of knowledge sharing with Go1

Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

Bentleys (QLD) Pty Ltd is a collaborative network of firms, which provides full-service business advisory, accountancy and audit solutions for individuals and organisations at every stage of the business life cycle, to help them get where they want to be.

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We recently talked to Heidi Mayhew-Sanders, Director, Human Resources at Bentleys, about how using Go1 has helped to improve the company’s corporate learning program. With over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources both in Australia and internationally, predominantly in the Financial and Professional Services space, Heidi has led the HR division at Bentleys QLD to successfully deliver tangible results for the firm.

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The company

Bentleys is an international network of advisory and accounting firms, with more than 700 talented staff delivering solutions from 18 locations across Australia, New Zealand and China.

They work with aspirational businesses and entrepreneurial people to help them achieve their objectives and get where they want to be. As essential advisors, they provide future thinking, strategic direction and practical support to help strengthen businesses and build personal wealth.

The team at Bentleys share a common purpose – to help their clients achieve what’s important to them. To help them achieve this goal, they continually strive to offer a supportive and positive team culture, with opportunities for growth through training and career advancement.

In 2018, Bentleys partnered with Go1 to support their staff with all of their training and development needs and follow their vision of having a knowledge-sharing organisation as part of their culture.

The challenge

Over the past few years, Heidi and the team have focused on building a robust and sustainable learning and development program.

When we asked Heidi about the company's previous approach to learning and development before Go1, she explains that they were already doing a lot of training, with a developed training matrix in place.

"We're doing quite a lot for training. We had developed up a training matrix. It’s very relevant to our employees here as accountants that we track their CPDs and they also do soft skills training, but we were doing a lot of it manually," Heidi said.

"... we really realised that we had a lot of good stuff internally in terms of training and developing our matrices, our programs like Bentleys Career Builder and Future Leaders Program, but we just didn’t deliver it in an efficient way."

Bentleys is passionate about promoting a culture of knowledge sharing in the firm, so with this in mind, they set out to look for an innovative way to capture the firm’s knowledge capital.

The solution

Bentleys found a solution in Go1.

The company was looking for an eLearning platform that would provide them with a single source of truth for all their learning content, with the ability to easily track and record employee progress.

"We ended up going with Go1 because we found that they were very agile in terms of working with us to help us to develop or do what we wanted to do with our learning on a system," said Heidi.

The results

After making the decision to go ahead with Go1, Heidi was delighted by the implementation process, describing the relationship with Go1 as "very much working with us as opposed to just coming in and implementing something and leaving." 

She also found the ongoing assistance from Go1’s Account Executive, Eduardo Gomes, to be particularly supportive and patient.

"We had lots of meetings, Eduardo spent a lot of time and patience putting up with us talking about how we saw our vision of our learning management system and he was always available and always very open to help us create the program together." 

In Heidi's opinion, the Go1 platform has been flexible in helping them follow their vision of having a knowledge sharing organisation as part of their culture.

"We use it for everything from online training which is scheduled by us saying that certain levels of the employees must do this type of training depending on where they sit in the firm. We do our compliance training now through Go1 which has been fantastic because that was something that we didn’t really have a grip on prior."

Participation rates for their staff training have also improved.

"(Previously) we had about 70% participation or completion rate, now it's more around the 85-90%."

And there has been an observed improvement of employee engagement.

"People are now communicating more about the training they are actually doing, suggesting what training we could actually put on Go1." 

We look forward to hearing more positive results from the Bentleys team as their learning and development program continues to grow with Go1.

Keen to learn how Go1 can help you improve the way employee training is managed across your organization? Reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team anytime for a chat. 

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