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International Culinary Studio is the only blended online culinary educator based in New Zealand accredited by the World Chef’s Association (WACS), the American Culinary Federation (ACF), and offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD Certified) Short Courses. They are committed to providing professional, excellent technology-driven education which comprises of accredited courses as well as a range of industry-specific, chef and hospitality online courses internationally.  

All the courses are developed and taught by industry-leading chefs and hospitality educators. Their model of blended learning combines in-person teaching and online education. The blended learning approach is highly flexible, meaning that hospitality students can study and work simultaneously. 

Why choose International Culinary Studio content?

  • Global leader in online and blended culinary education
  • Study and work - you don’t have to choose one
  • Study at your own pace and access your course material at any time via mobile or pc
  • Access to tutors – you are not alone
  • Professional Programmes can lead to World Chefs (WACS) Digital Badging Certification
  • Professional Programmes can lead to American Culinary Federation Certification
  • Specific short courses are certified by CPD
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