Year in review 2022 graphic

Year in review 2022

Looking back on 2022 and the improvements, growth and exciting breakthroughs within our content library and learning platform.
Elise Willson, Content Writer

As another year speeds towards its end, we’re looking back on the exciting updates, additions and improvements here at Go1. 

The Go1 Content Library 

Quality learning at scale 

Our focus this year has been on not only continuing to grow the scale of learning content, but investing further into expanding the quality and diversity of resources.   

  • Over 8,474 new courses added to the Go1 Content library.  
  • 24 new learning providers from the US, Australia, the UK and India.  
  • Topics ranging from Content Technology, Health & Wellbeing, Engineering, HR and Health & Safety. 

Some of our key new content providers 

2022 Go1 key new content providers

We also introduced a calendar full of curated learning playlists, the 12 Months of Learning Calendar, ready to roll out to learners all around the globe.  

Featuring regionally specific and key date aligned playlists, including:  

  • Celebrate Differences: Ensure a Diverse and Inclusive Environment  
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How to Build and Manage Better Teams  
  • Stay Safe at Work: Preventing Workplace Violence  
  • Elevate Your Sales Skills: Strategies for Selling  
  • Thrive Through Change: Change Management Essentials

The Go1 platform 

Enhance and uplift 

 2022 saw some impressive improvements and new features focused on streamlining and simplifying both the admin and end user experience of the Go1 platform.   

Administrator experience 

Learner experience 

  • Streamlined learning in the content player - simplified ratings, sharing and saving within the new streaming feature  
  • Improved feedback pathways - recommend and provide insight into learning content  
  • Strengthened user and data privacy  
  • Smoother 'My Learning' experience - improved playlist building and viewing capability 

Content curation 

  • The new Content Curation Tool allows Admins to generate hand-curated playlists. Gather from the Go1 Content Curation Team's picks or explore the library  
  • Build, re-order and easily manage learning playlists within a smoother curation experience in My Playlists 

The team at Go1 has enjoyed continuing to develop and enhance the Go1 content library and platform for another year, and are already excited to share the changes coming down the line for 2023. Watch this space.  

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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