What’s trending in learning? June 2024

What’s trending in learning? June 2024

This month in learning is all about professional growth. Keep reading to find course recommendations and new content providers to help your employees reach their learning goals.

Companies prioritizing professional growth are 94% more likely to retain their employees, with the added benefit of fostering loyalty and engagement. These companies also excel in adapting to new business processes and practices, leveraging industry expertise to stay ahead. This shows the critical role of professional growth in boosting organizational success and creating a culture of continuous learning and development. Moreover, companies with strong learning cultures are significantly more likely to be innovators and more profitable than their competitors, showcasing the vital link between professional growth and business performance.

It's clear that investing in professional growth isn't just about employee development; it's a strategic imperative for driving innovation and maintaining a competitive edge. So, are you focusing on professional growth? We'll help you...

Topic spotlight: professional growth

Here are five recommended courses on Go1 that can help your organization regroup to focus on professional growth:

1. Feedback and Difficult Conversations by The Expert Academy (40 mins) 

Feedback And Difficult Conversations

This course will equip you with the skills to handle and benefit from negative feedback, enhancing your communication during challenging conversations. You'll learn to self-reflect and make fact-based decisions, improving how you give positive feedback and manage difficult discussions. Additionally, the course encourages self-compassion, teaching you to accept your mistakes and use them for personal growth, which is essential in environments where personal connections and individuality are key to success.

2. Being Decisive by Mindscaling (5 mins) 

Being Decisive

Making decisions often benefits from collecting data and taking the time to weigh all the options — but managers don't always have these luxuries. In this course, you'll learn techniques to think critically and make confident decisions, even when you are short on time, or don't have all the information. You'll also learn how to support good decision-making within your organization.

3. Open Communication & Teamwork by Seven Dimensions (30 mins) 

Open Communication & Teamwork

In this course, you'll learn to promote open and honest communication through the sharing of information and reducing gossip. This course provides video case studies of highly successful organizations demonstrating how they've established open communication and teamwork, improved collaboration and a welcoming atmosphere, all making for cohesive teams.

You'll learn how to build a strong, collaborative team, where hard tasks and new challenges are accomplished, conflicts are resolved, information is shared, and new people are welcomed, whether the team works in a physical office or remotely.

4. Advancing Your Career by Interaction Training (20 mins) 

Advancing Your Career

This course provides invaluable insights, practical tools, and actionable steps to not just guide you through the dynamic landscape of work, but elevate your professional brand, and position yourself for success. Learn the importance of business etiquette, networking, learning, and mentorship to effectively navigate diverse workplace environments and pursue opportunities for professional development.

5. Planning Your Own Development Module by Access Workplace Skills (15 mins) 

Planning Your Own Development Module

Everyone wants to develop and progress, and as the person with the most to gain from your own development, you should take an active role in planning for it. This module encourages you to plan ahead to reach your personal development goals. In this course, you'll look at the different approaches to development, the different types of learners, and the resources required to complete your plan. In additiona to the video, this module features expanded learning content blocks and a short quiz to check your understanding.

New to the Go1 Library 

At Go1, we’re constantly growing our content library. From fresh content providers to returning favorites updating their offerings, here’s what’s new to Go1 in June.    


Outthink is a new Go1 Content Partner specializing in cyberscience awareness, and has 160 new courses available for you! They offer mostly bite-sized (5 mins) and some longer formats of 10-30 minutes. Languages available: UK English, US English, and 8 other languages including German, French, and Spanish.


SafeStack has just added 59 new courses to Go1, covering topics like Security and Privacy Awareness, Safeguarding, and Data Compliance. SafeStack courses are easy to understand and teach you about current cyber threats. Youʼll learn about possible impacts cyber attacks can have on you and your business, and the actions you can take to reduce your security risks.

Three content providers that we’re loving in June

The Expert Academy

The Expert Academy

The Expert Academy creates a diverse range of extremely informative courses hosted by world experts. Each course is led and taught by a leading expert in that field who provides learners with the knowledge and skills to master the topic.

  • Topic coverage: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Sales and Customer Service, Wellbeing, Marketing, Resilience, Communication, Negotiating Skills, Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Remote Working
  • 95+ courses in Premium, some shorter courses but most are 60-minutes plus in duration 
  • Top courses: Mastering Sales: How to Hold a High Price; Difficult Conversations: How to Master Them; Resilient Business Leadership; Feedback & Difficult Conversations; Sales: The Psychology of Selling



Mindscaling is a content provider founded by Shawn Hunter, best-selling author on leadership and innovation. Over the years, Mindscaling has worked with hundreds of best-selling writers, authors, and speakers to capture, translate, and convert their ideas into actionable learning experiences. They're committed to bringing organizations short, actionable, and high-impact digital learning that drives real, measurable change.

  • Topic coverage: leadership and management; communication, DEI, wellbeing, resilience, strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, innovation
  • 230+ courses in Premium ranging from 4 to 145 minutes in duration
  • Top courses: Raising Resiliency - Build Tolerance for Stress; Present a Professional Appearance; Change the Task, Not the Person; Be Kind To Yourself; Unconscious Bias: Break Your Bias Habit; Giving Feedback that Works

Seven Dimensions


Seven Dimensions (7D) was founded in 1979 by psychologist Eve Ash, who was inspired by John Cleese to produce comedy films so learning at work could be fun! The inclusion of humor in their courses is unique to the Go1 Content Hub catalog and has helped boost this provider's popularity and engagement with learners.

  • Topic coverage: Leadership, Management, Personal Development, Soft Skills, Language learning, DEI
  • 1000+ courses in Premium ranging from 2 to 70 minutes in duration 
  • Top courses: Appreciate Diversity and Inclusion; Build Accountability in Teams; Accepting Change; What to do if Stressed; A Guide to Whistleblowing

As we wrap up this edition of "What's trending in learning?" we hope the course recommendations and insights provided have inspired you to prioritize professional growth for youyr employees, and know that Go1 is always here to support your team's development journey.

Stay tuned for next month's edition, where we'll continue to bring you the latest trends and resources in the world of L&D.

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