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The modern complexities of L&D content curation

For our next Festival at Work session we dive further into mastering the art of L&D content curation with Go1's Naomi Hepworth and an expert panel. They discuss the complexities and opportunities within L&D to develop and retain employees in the new working world.
Elise Willson, Content Writer

Thought-provoking discussions continue in day two’s streamed session with panellists Naomi Hepworth, Sales Manager at Go1, Amanda Nolen, Co-Founder of Niles-Nolen, Satnam Sagoo, Associate Chief People Officer at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and Paul Neville Freelance Positive Change Leader, on utilising L&D to upskill and retain existing talent in the post-Pandemic world. 

The digital learning world

Amanda opens the conversation by examining how organisations have transitioned to digital learning platforms. Naomi vocalises the importance of having a support system in place for time training and remote working practises. Reflectively, Naomi and Satnam highlighted an initial focus on redeployment instead of considering post-pandemic learning support and what skills L&D professionals need to support and align with the people’s experiences. Paul adds the success of rapid learning and adaptability, but reflects on how it ultimately took a global crisis to apply pre-existing tech systems of virtual learning and digital environments. 

The complexities of successful learning curation

Quote Satnam Sagoo: 'Balancing leading, collaborating and advocating are essential to shaping a person's experience'

Delving into people strategy further, Amanda notes that offering learning opportunities is a key attraction to employees but questions how this translates to obtaining future skills. Naomi answers, looking at this engagement as a positive indicator but stresses we should consider how these learning objectives align with the strategic direction of organisations. Amanda asks the audience to consider their relationship with talent and whether this connects with L&D practises.

Satnam says balancing leading, collaborating and advocating are essential to shaping a person’s experience. Agreeing, Paul adds that there should be a symbiotic relationship between talent and learning functions. A concerted upscale strategy, needs to distinguish the difference between perceived needs and real needs, and reflect on those problems internally before curating content.

Holistic learning

Next, the team explores the importance of integrating practical experience and not solely linear L&D programmes to ensure challenge and stretch objectives are being met.

They look at the overall, dynamic learning journey, with a focus on progression, coaching and self development in order to branch individuals into more personalised learning pathways. Concluding with a practical analogy, Amanda says ‘we wouldn’t want a brain surgeon performing an operation on us who had only read text books.'

Wrapping up the session, Amanda encourages the audience to reflect on what metrics matter. Aligning content curation with the right people, providing opportunities of practise and application, are all crucial in furthering the L&D journey and closing the skill gaps.

Unanimously, the panel concluded that it’s vital to first establish the end performance goal you’re working towards, prior to technology enhancement, in order to assess whether the learning platforms offered are successful in driving KPIs and business performance.

You can catch up on the full session below.

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