Product release round up July - September 2021

Welcome to the latest product release blog! Peek a rundown of new features and improvements including better search recommendations, and simpler assignment of mandatory learning. Learn about our integrations with key partners such as Workplace from Facebook, and Microsoft products.
Emma Bamford, Product Marketing Manager

We’re back again with updates on what’s been released across our technology here at Go1! We’re particularly excited about our updates for learners, for whom we have provided more control over their learning experience with playback functionality, to learn at their own pace. There will be more work in this area in order to provide a more equitable learner experience, as referenced in our latest Product webinar for customers. More to come.

For Administrators and Managers, we have made it easier to assign and manage mandatory learning across the platform, an ongoing project to make this essential task as seamless as possible.

At Go1 we champion easy access to learning for all. Much of our focus lately has been on integrating with key partners such as Microsoft, and Workplace from Facebook, who enable your employees to learn at the point of need, in the flow of work. 

Have a read below to learn about the stuff we’re really excited about!

Go1 Platform

Better search recommendations

The new suggested search UI provides a clearer way for users to continue their search. Users can now see suggested search categories in a new and more structured layout, allowing them to dig into their preferred search results more efficiently.


There will be some more improvements to the search functionality in the upcoming months, which we will share in the next blog.

Course feedback for a better learner experience

Learners can now provide feedback on their experience at the end of every course. This supports us in our quest to get to know our learners better and which content resonates with learners across the board.


The ability to provide feedback is available across all learning resources available via the Go1 Content Hub, and courses that have been created using Go1's content authoring tool by Administrators. Right now we are exploring options for how we most effectively use course feedback in a way that will enhance the learner experience, including course recommendations. Longer-term, we will look at how we share these insights back to Admins.

Improved Welcome message

We have improved how your welcome message is presented on your learner dashboard. The text is separated from the image for accessibility, so learners do not have a compromised experience when they land on the learner dashboard.

You will still be able to change the text size and hyperlink using the rich text editor from the settings page.


Learn at your own pace with improvements to video learning resources

A playback speed feature is now available on all video learning resources available via Go1 Content Hub, including videos you have uploaded through the course creation tool as an Administrator.

Youtube and Vimeo already have this functionality so there is no change for videos hosted by these sites. This allows learners to play the video speed faster or slower as they need, to suit their needs.

Playback can be adjusted to 0.25x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1x (normal), 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x speed.

Screenshot of someone playing chess

Improvements to assigning and managing mandatory learning

We are excited to provide an opt-in experience that provides an improved way of assigning and managing learning.

  • Go1 Platform administrators can now opt in to access our new Manage page, available for every course and learning resource.
  • This new feature allows you to assign and manage mandatory compliance, professional development, and performance management training to one or multiple learners.
  • 'Assign' and 'enrol' flow has been consolidated to just 'assign' in a number of places across the Go1 Platform.

From the Manage page, you can perform the following actions:

This new feature is available for optional opt-in from the ‘Results’ or ‘Reports’ tab of any learning resource. We don’t currently have a mandatory roll-over date for this experience. Make sure you sign up for the Go1 research group to shape how this experience meets your needs.

Learning in the flow apps

Context-switching is one of today’s biggest barriers to employee productivity; it makes it harder to get essential work done and employees can spend at least 30 minutes a day toggling between tools, according to this study by Slack.

We integrate with a number of ‘Learning in the flow’ tools to remove barriers to learning:

  • Bring learning to all your workforce without having to switch to another learning platform.
  • Make learning personal and cater to individual learning preferences.
  • Deliver "just-in-time" learning experiences with relevant content and feedback to drive productivity.
  • Reduce the cost of delivering training.

Deliver learning in Microsoft Viva
Now that Microsoft Viva is widely available, and you can now deliver learning resources from Go1 through Viva. Learn more and request a demo here.

Deliver learning in Workplace from Facebook
Does your workforce use Workplace from Facebook? Deliver learning from Go1 in this beta experience. Learn more and request a demo here. Make sure you sign up for the Go1 research group to shape how our integration with Workplace by Facebook meets your needs.

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