Meet the Go1 content partner: Vado

Scott Cooper

At Go1 we parter with some of the best learning content providers from across the world to help you get the best training for your team. All of our Content Providers are experts in their fields, and today we are taking a closer look at Vado, and why their content is a key part of Go1 Premium.

As Vado co-founder Cindy Pascale mentions, Vado are an off the shelf eLearning course provider that specialize in management development, leadership development, employee business skills and HR compliance courses.

Vado have just under 500 course included in Go1 Premium. If you are looking for micro-learning and mobile optimised courses, Vado are the provider for you. Vado's course are design in a way that allows the learner to apply the course on the job. This means that all of the courses start with a short video that is designed to talk about the skills you're about to learn, why the content is important, and the benefits of completing the course. From here the learner is given exercises to complete on the job so they can practise and further develop the skill. These are small but important exercises that will reinforce the learning from the videos.

All courses have step by step instructions for the learner, it's a proven and prescribed effective process that is going to help learners become really good at that skill. To finish up, all course end with a quiz or assessment.

Vado strongly believes in the 70:20:10 model for learning (see below), and believe that they are the only eLearning courseware provider that plays a role in both the 70% and the 10% of this model rather than completely focussing on the 10% of formal training like many other training providers. By incorporating the training exercises into the courses, learner are going to develop on the job within the 70% of on the job learning too.

Vado are also constantly adding new courses to their offering, with new content being created as end users find a demand for training on a specific topic. One recent addition that Vado have made has been a course to cover the new legislation around Sexual Harassment Training in New York State - which is available on the Go1 Platform.

Go1 are proud to have Vado as a Content Partner, and hope you enjoy their courses!

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