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Insights from the Industry: How to facilitate remote learning

The workplace has changed, which means learning must change, too. Find out how one of our customers implemented remote learning for their entire workforce.
Taylor Cole, Copywriter

Brenda Lazarus, Manager of Learning and Development at Daylight Transport, is passionate about making learning accessible for everyone. “I really care about bringing education to the people,” she said.

And in today’s world of work, where virtual and hybrid employees are more common than ever, making learning accessible means making learning virtual.

In partnership with Go1, Brenda successfully implemented a remote learning program for all Team Members across Daylight Transport. Read on for her advice on how you can facilitate remote learning, too.

Make it flexible 

To get started, you must ensure your remote learning solution is flexible enough to support employees across various times and locations.

Daylight Transport's workforce is dispersed across the U.S., posing a unique logistical challenge. So, when Brenda set out to find a learning program, she needed a solution that would work across several time zones. Once she discovered Go1’s asynchronous content  which can be completed anytime, anywhere, she knew it was the perfect fit.

Brenda also offers virtual training and development sessions, which she schedules at multiple times across various time zones. Doing so is a priority for her, as it ensures no one misses an opportunity to learn.

Make it accessible 

If you’re thinking about offering remote learning, it’s important to remember that employees must have access to all the tools they need to engage with virtual learning content.

According to Brenda, Daylight Transport Team Members can access Daylight University through company-issued computers or other company-approved devices only while they are on the clock.  Since they can log in to the learning program at both on-site and remote work locations, it’s easy for Team Members to learn wherever they happen to be working.

Keep communicating 

When working with a remote or hybrid team, clear, continuous communication is vital. That’s why Brenda promotes Daylight University in various ways. She sends Team Members articles about the program, attends virtual Town Halls to discuss the program, and lets Team Members know when new learning playlists are released.

Pull quote with the text: When working with a remote or hybrid team, clear, continuous communication is vital

Frequently promoting Daylight University means new Team Members can learn about the program, and those who have been around a while are reminded to challenge themselves to continue on their personal learning journey if they haven’t already.

Offer support 

Remote learning comes with unique challenges, but Brenda makes herself available to help both on-site and remote learners overcome any obstacles they encounter. Brenda assists Team Members who need help searching the platform for specific content. She also helps managers familiarize themselves with the platform to pass this knowledge on to their Team Members and provides tips and tricks for those who are just getting started.

Implementing a remote learning program has given the entire Daylight Transport team continuous access to growth and development opportunities – thereby strengthening their workforce.

Pull quote with the text: I love when our learners tell me that they found a course or topic that they never thought they would in a learning system at work

“I love when our learners tell me that they found a course or topic they never thought they would in a learning system at work,” Brenda said. "If the learner learns something new and gets better, then Daylight gets better.”

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